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Love our Sun Horse Solarium!

Using it on daily basis, very practical and easy to use. Horses love it!

Dimmer is great to adjust the heat as necessary.
The solarium is a lifesaver for winter bathing, clipping and show preparation.

Using it while tacking up/untacking too. It makes it a lot more pleasant for the horses to take all the warm rugs off during cold weather. Horses feel more relaxed and happy to work. And leaving them under the solarium for 10 minutes after exercise helps to dry them and relax back muscles after exercise.

Very happy with it overall!
Thank you Martin!

Would recommend the installation service too.
Very professional knowledgeable and reliable man.

Veronika Biedai 

Owner and breeder of the finest dressage Friesian horses in Essex ;-)

Martin from Sun Horse UK came to the rescue after I was badly let down by another company 6 weeks before Christmas. I had little hope of a solarium being up and running before the worst of winter, but Sun Horse UK was actually able to supply, deliver and install a superior product at a better price. A custom made bracket was no trouble. 


Excellent communication, all the worry about purchasing and installation was eradicated.


We wouldn't be without our solarium and I have no hesitation in recommending Sun Horse UK.



Race horse trainer.


About Us

Sun Horse UK is a small family run business, we manufacture, design and are the sole distributor of Equi-Therm horse solariums.


15 years ago we moved to our home in the heart of the Lincolnshire countryside and established a small livery yard. Many of the products we produce were developed for our own yard and have been tried and tested by our own clients and our own horses.


I have an engineering background spanning over 36 years and my wife is a qualified veterinary nurse.


Equi-Therm solariums were created initially out of our own need and wish to support one of our own horses with a back injury, it was quickly adopted by our clients for warm-up prior to riding, drying after washing for shows, wash down after exercise and is now an essential piece of equipment on our own yard.


This lead on to finding an engineering solution to other issues involved in running our livery yard such as paddock maintenance equipment, stable equipment and our latest range of show jumps.


Our aim is to provide individually tailored solutions to our clients and their horse requirements. As a family-run business, we can easily do this without losing sight of a client's needs or creating a huge hole in the bank balance.


Our aim for the future is not to become a faceless million-pound industry but to continue to provide our clients with the very best equipment built to exacting standards and give an aftercare service they can rely on.


We feel we can do this by remaining a family run business who care about our reputation for decency and quality - but first and foremost the care and comfort of all our equine friends, from happy hackers to professional riders, training establishments and livery yards.


We are also happy to offer a bespoke manufacturing service, whether it is to hang a solarium in a high roofed American style barn or simply create something you may need around your yard. We are here to help create a happy environment for all to enjoy.