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Sun Horse UK only uses ruby low-glow infrared lights in their Equi-Therm horse solariums.


The ruby coating filters out the harmful blue and green spectrum of bright white lights. Horses have peripheral vision enabling them to absorb light into their eyes from all angles. They are especially useful at seeing at night due to this ability. The delicate retina of a horse’s eye can be affected by absorption of bright white light, and this can lead to long-term damage.


The heat generated by a horse solarium increases metabolic activity in the cells, this improves blood circulation and causes ‘capillary dilation’ to occur. This increases blood flow through the body and carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cells.


The increased circulation improves muscle condition elasticity and increases suppleness and in your horse, helping to reduce the chance of injury and speeding up the recovery process in injured horses.  Equine Solarium Therapy is effective in relieving sore or stiff muscles, which is especially prevalent in competition horses, horses in hard work and aged horses.


Infrared light has also proven to help with stimulating the horse's immune system and providing vitamin D – an essential vitamin in the absorption of calcium and phosphate minerals.

What are the Benefits of

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